For many, Fall and Winter does not signal the end of the off-roading season; in fact, many prefer off-roading in the colder months.  Especially in Canada, many impatiently wait for snow, so they can plan their off-roading activities. However, in the Winter, driving changes drastically and you must be more accommodating to weather conditions. Bringing your family sedan off-roading can be hazardous for not only your safety but for the conditions of your car. So, for those waiting for Winter to enjoy the wonderful hobby of off-roading, here are a few things to be sure of before you enjoy the forest trails:

Don’t Spin Your Tires

Firstly, we recommend anyone going off-roading to invest in Winter tires. Summer or All-Season tires lack the traction necessary to support your tires over snow and ice.  Secondly, while driving in winter conditions, your tires are bound to spin, so it’s critical that you watch your speed while you drive. Ensure you manage your throttle in a manner that you are not laying on the gas the entire time. Utilize your gas pedal as a tool to move you initially and then glide off the momentum it gives you; this will ensure that your tires aren’t spinning unnecessarily, and you can brake efficiently when needed.

Decrease Tire Pressure/ Bring Air  

Maintaining the Psi on your tires, as recommended by the manufacturer, is usually the status quo and should be followed closely, that is unless you are off-roading and especially in the Winter. Decreasing the tire pressure provides you with more surface area for the tire to roll over, which will prevent the chances of your tires spinning in the snow; we preach extreme caution when doing so. Off-roading in the winter is much more efficient and safer if you invest in Beadlock wheels which secures itself to your tires to prevent slipping even when the tires are slightly deflated. Many adventurous individuals will be deflating their tires while off-roading this Winter. Bringing compressed air to fill up your tires if need be is necessary for you to return to the city or county streets.

Invest in Big Tires!

When off-roading in the snow, it can be a very strenuous process to drive with smaller, ungrooved tires. We recommend that you invest in big tires, to get over mounds of snow that otherwise would end up getting you stuck. Bigger tires are more optimal for off-roading in any season, so for extra vehicle protection and for the ease of getting up over hills and down hills with optimal grip, bigger tires are the best option.

Off-roading in the Winter is an exceptionally fun pastime and can be a great way to create new memories and explore your surroundings. For more information on the best tires to purchase, contact Grove AutoPro & Tire today!