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The Right Tire For You

Think Grove Auto Pros to keep you rolling

Tire Installation

There is a lot more to installing tires then just mounting tires on a rim. Are your tires directional? Is your vehicle TPMS equipped? Do you know the correct torque specifications? Let Grove Auto Pros worry about these things.


Most new vehicles today are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) This system simply monitors your tire pressures and alerts the driver when pressures drop below normal. There are a few different designs to this system but they all work the same, ask Grove Auto Pros what you need to do to maintain this system.

Wheel Balance

If your wheels are not balanced properly you will feel a vibration while driving, most typically at highway speeds. A wheel balancing machine measures your wheel and tire for heavy spots that will create a vibration. It then calculates the correct counter weight and the best position for the weight, ensuring you a smooth ride.

Tire Repair / Replacement

Repairing a tire correctly means removing the tire from the rim and patching from the inside. Depending on the location of the puncture, the tire may not be repairable and will need to be replaced. Many factors need to be considered when replacing a damaged tire. Ask your AutoPro professional today.

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires every 10,000 KM is essential to maximizing the longevity of your tires. The drive axle of your vehicle produces torque that will cause the tires to wear faster than the tires on a remaining axle. Rotate your tires front to back to ensure your tires wear at the same rate.

Tire Inflation

Correct tire inflation is extremely important. It ensures your tires will wear evenly and produce the longevity you expect. It helps with fuel economy and provides your tires with maximum road contact producing optimal handling and performance.

3 Season Tires

Welcome to the myth of an All Season Tire. The truth is there is no such thing as an all season tire, they are really only 3 season tires. A Three season tire will perform well in the spring, summer, and fall but they are not adequate or safe for winter. When the weather drops below 7 degrees the rubber compounds get hard and the siping can no longer grip the road.

All Weather Tires

All Weather Tires are a new Hybrid design. Engineers have struck a perfect balance creating a rubber compound that stays softer then a 3 season when it is cold but remains hard enough in the summer to still provide you with a lasting tire. These tires are much safer in the winter compared to a 3 season but do not hold a candle to a true winter tire.

Winter Tires

Winter Tires are designed to be run in the winter only. Their rubber compounds are designed to stay soft and pliable in extremely cold temperatures allowing the siping to grip the road and provide you with excellent winter traction, control and braking. As fantastic as these tires are in the winter they are not adequate for warm temperatures and will wear quickly if driven in the summer.

High Performance Tires

High Performance Tires are designed for the summer time only. They are not designed for extreme weather or longevity. These tires have specially formulated rubber compounds and tread designs that tend to wear quickly, but provide you with the ultimate in handling, control and braking. Have a car you really like to put through its paces, then a High Performance Tire is rolling your way.

Which Service Do You Need?

Grove Auto Pros can provide you with all your Warranty Approved Maintenance & Repair Solutions

Warranty Approved Mechanical Services

Grove Auto Pros is proud to be an Approved Auto Repair Facility. Our repair facility is staffed with Licensed Technicians, giving you access to a team with over half a century of combined experience and knowledge. All our services and repairs meet OEM standards and DOES NOT void your new vehicle warranty.

Preventative Maintenance

Think Preventative not break down. Think AutoPro! At Grove AutoPro we focus on preventative maintenance because we understand that break downs are frustrating, costly and inconvenient. We will always provide you with an inspection sheet that details our findings and provides you with recommended time lines for repairs:
-Recommended in 30 days
-Safety / Severe

Warranty Approved Maintenance

Maintenance intervals can vary depending on your driving habits and if you are running conventional or synthetic oil. A lot can happen to your vehicle in between your maintenance services. Servicing your vehicle regularly at a facility with Licensed Technicians will catch small problems before they become costly break downs.

Tires & Wheels

Think of tires like your shoes. They are the only things holding your car and your family to the road. They are not just round and black. They are scientific marvels that are specifically designed to stop your car and provide you with safe control and handling.

Free Roadside Assistance

We hope you will never need roadside assistance, however if you service your vehicle at Grove Auto Pros we will provide you with 6 months free roadside assistance.

Turning The Key

Did you know that cold winters do not actually damage your vehicle’s battery. It is really vibration, and excessive heat that damages your battery.

Cooling System

A specialized system keeps your car cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Ensure your water pump is able to circulate adequate coolant through your radiator, and your thermostat is operating correctly.

Heating & Air Conditioning

The temperatures in Alberta range greatly and rarely provide you with a comfortable temperature inside your vehicles cabin. Grove AutoPro can ensure you are toasty warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Today vehicles can have multiple on board computers and modules running the various systems in your vehicle. When these systems fail special diagnostic equipment is necessary to help pinpoint the system that has failed and then assist the technician while he identifies and diagnoses the exact cause of the failure.


Your vehicle’s braking system is complex and has many wearable components. The systems are hydraulic based and will fail if they develop a leak. Regular inspection and service of your vehicle’s brake systems will ensure your vehicle stops when it needs to.

Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension components in your car work with your tires as a team, think of these components as the legs to your shoes. These components help ensure your shoes stay on the road when you are turning, cornering, or going over bumps and dips in the road. Are your legs keeping your shoes on the road?

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment has many purposes, the most important is ensuring that your tires are angled just right to give them the maximum contact with the road. Poor alignment will reduce your tires footprint and compromise your braking, handling & control. It will also cause abnormal wear on your tires forcing you to replace them sooner.

Vehicle Inspections

With a variety of different inspections Grove Auto Pros can give you an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s overall health.


Your Exhaust system is made up of multiple components that do more than prevent you and your passengers from breathing in harmful gases. It is a complex system that helps ensure the fuel and harmful additives in your exhaust are burned off before exiting the vehicle, protecting the environment.

Driveline System

Your vehicle’s driveline system is comprised of many different components that all work together to convert power from your engine into momentum. These components are subject to extreme heat and stress, and require regular maintenance to prevent catastrophic break downs.

Vehicle Accessories

There are many aftermarket accessories available to customize and personalize your ride. Present us with your vision and we can offer you the right parts and the qualified technicians needed to bring it to life.

Think Prevention, Not Breakdown

Warranty Approved Maintenance

Different manufacturers will provide you with different recommended service intervals for your vehicle. The important thing to note here that all the recommended service intervals are at least 5,000 Km between services. A lot can happen and change in that time frame, and it is your only opportunity to see what is going on with your vehicle. It is important to have a licensed technician catch little concerns before they become large and costly. This also helps you budget for future repairs.

Grove Auto Pros offers you two different maintenance services. We have introduced our On The Go Maintenance Service that includes the replacement of the oil & filter, lubrication of chassis and is accompanied by a 32 point visual inspection. From start to finish our new quick lane service will have you mobile in approximately a half hour. Starting at $64.95.

If you prefer to have a technician provide you with a full inspection while they are servicing your vehicle then you can choose our Physical package. The physical includes the replacement of oil & filter, lubrication of chassis components and an 83 point inspection. Starting at $79.95

Warranty Approved Mechanical Service

You have a choice! You can choose to service and repair your vehicle at any Licensed facility, and it will NOT affect your new vehicle warranty! You do not have to go to the dealer for any of your maintenance needs. If your vehicle has an issue that is covered under warranty or has an outstanding recall, we can deliver it to the dealer for you.

Roadside Assistance

Have Grove Auto Pros perform a Physical on your vehicle and ask for details on receiving 6 months of roadside assistance for free. The coverage lasts for 6 months or three uses.

Tires & Wheels

Tires are marvelous feats of engineering that need to be matched to you and your vehicle. There are different tires for different vehicles, applications, terrain, climates, and driving habits. It is very important that you purchase the right tire for you and your vehicle, because your tires are the only thing connecting you and your family to the road. Ask an AutoPro Professional for their recommendation today.

Turning The Key

You turn the key in your vehicle and it starts thanks to a series of systems working together. The two most responsible would be your charging & starting system and your ignition system. The Starting and Charging Systems most common failure is typically a low battery. The shelf life of a battery ranges between three and five years. Excessive bouncing, vibration, heat and age are the main reasons for failure. Your battery will be tested when you choose the Physical package, ensuring you will never be caught with a weak battery. The technician also checks your alternator to ensure your battery is receiving a proper charge.

The ignition system in your vehicle is also key to performance, fuel economy and a reliable start. Worn spark plugs, plugged air filters, and dirty throttle bodies can create hard starts, poor performance and rob you of your fuel economy. Our Physical package can ensure you know about these maintenance items before they become troublesome.

Cooling System

The cooling system in your vehicle is responsible for more than just keeping your engine cool, it also ensures you stay warm inside your vehicle. Alberta has a wide range of temperatures throughout the year, some hot and some very cold. It is important to have the right mixture of coolant to provide your engine with adequate temperature control. The coolant also needs to be free of contaminants and have the correct Ph level to help ensure proper flow and prevent damage to the cooling system. Thermostats and leaking water pumps are very common failure points, and should be monitored regularly. During a Physical package your technician will check the entire cooling system providing you with an accurate assessment and peace of mind.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is comprised of very expensive and delicate parts that often fail. There are two things you can do to help protect your air conditioning system. The first is to ensure you turn the air conditioning on every couple of weeks circulating the system. The additives, lubricants and preservatives in the cooling agent protect, and prevent the seals from drying, cracking and leaking. The second thing you can do is recharge your Air Conditioning system once a year. This provides your system with new lubrication and the preservatives your system needs to prevent premature failures.

The biggest complaint with your heating system is a lack of heat or an odd smell. The most common reasons for poor heat would be a sticking thermostat or a plugged heater core. Maintaining your coolant system is the best way to prevent you from the cold in the winter. An odd smell coming from your vents would usually indicate a dirty cabin air filter. This filters the air you breath inside the cabin and is checked when a physical is performed.


Vehicles today can have multiple on board computers and modules. Most of the systems in your vehicle are run and monitored by these computers. When a system has a failure it will trigger a sensor that will illuminate a warning indicator on your dash. Specialized equipment is needed to access your on board computer and will reveal the codes in the system. The codes tell the technician which system the failure has taken place. The technician will then proceed to examine and test each individual component of that system until he isolates the component that has failed. This process can be quick and simple or difficult and time consuming. Your service advisor will discuss the findings and provide an estimate so you can make an informed decision.


Brakes are one of the most prevalent wear items in your vehicle. We all know their importance but rarely give them a second thought until a failure brings them to our attention. Your braking system consists of moving parts that are subject to the elements and extreme heat. These components should be serviced and lubricated to maximize their life, and ensure safe operation. During a Physical package your technician will check your brakes, providing you with a clear picture on the remaining life and any actions that are recommended.


Your vehicles wheel alignment is also a very important safety feature of your vehicle. A correct wheel alignment means your tires are angled using laser precision to provide you with maximum contact to the road. This is very important because your tires are the only thing holding you to the road. A poor wheel alignment also causes premature tire wear. The most common signs of a poor alignment would be wear on the edges of your tires. Your alignment can be affected by striking a pothole, and should be performed twice a year.

Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension systems in your vehicle are critical safety components, and are by far the most misunderstood systems. The steering and suspension components of your vehicle are wear components that can become dangerous. It is very important to monitor these components, and identify worn parts before they become a safety issue. During a Physical your technician will perform an in depth inspection on both these systems.

Your vehicles suspension system does more then just provide you with a nice ride.This system is directly responsible for keeping your tires on the road as you steer, corner, accelerate, and drive over bumps and dips in the road. In addition to poor handling and control, weak suspension can also cause premature brake & tire wear as a result of poor weight transfer. Again this system does wear and needs to be monitored to maintain the safety of you and your passengers.


Your vehicles exhaust system prevents harmful gases from entering the cabin of your vehicle. During your Physical your technician will inspect your entire exhaust system ensuring the safety of you, your passengers, and the environment.


Vehicle manufacturers have provided you with recommended service intervals for different systems in your vehicle, one such system is your drivetrain. It is vital that the maintenance services are performed within the manufacturers recommended time frame because these components are subject to extreme heat and stress. The filters and lubricants in your drivetrain system break down over time and need to be replaced to ensure proper protection and prevent costly repairs.

Vehicle Inspections

Grove Auto Pros has many different inspections to accommodate your different needs. We have Pre Purchase, Insurance, Full Maintenance, and various pinpoint inspections. Ask your Service Advisor today which inspection will benefit you the most.

Vehicle Accessories

Bumpers, fender flares, wheels, lift kits, LED lights…. There are many ways you can customize your vehicle and really make it your own. Did you know that some customizations can have consequences. For example lifted vehicles tend to have premature wear on their steering and suspension components. Ask your AutoPro professional today for more information and the potential consequences of customizing your vehicle.

Customized Service For Your Specific Needs

The Autopro franchise has been part of Spruce Grove for 30 years. We service and repair all makes and models, and have built a Fleet & Corporate Program with many benefits that will save you time and money!

-We work with all National Accounts, Fleet Companies & Private Fleets
-We will pick up and deliver your vehicles within Spruce Grove, Stony Plain & Acheson
-We have local shuttle service in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain & Acheson
-We offer a 1 Year 20,000 KM Warranty on Parts & Labour
-CAA Member (Approved Auto Repair Service Center)
-You have access to your own Sales Representative
-You receive priority scheduling
-You receive additional discounts on Labor, Parts, Wheels, & Tires
-You receive a free 6 month roadside assistance package on your first visit.

Grove Auto Pros has designed a maintenance program that takes all the stress out of managing your fleet vehicles. For more information call us at 780-962-4707, and our outside Account Manager will book an appointment to bring you a full information package.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

Factory Trained Technicians

We have a staff of factory trained technicians for the following manufacturers:

We offer out-of-province inspections and commercial inspections, contact us for more information.

Trailer Repairs

Our team offers repairs for holiday trailers, boat trailers and toy haulers; including brake repairs, tire repairs, and more. Give us a call today for more information.

Unbeatable Warranty

Protection valid at over 1600 locations across North America

Peace of Mind Warranty

Auto Pros offers you a FREE 12 months or 20,000KM warranty on all qualifying parts and labor performed on your vehicle.

Your Warranty covers qualifying parts and labor for the repairs and services below for 12 months or 20,000 kilometres of use, whichever comes first:
-Air conditioning, heating and climate control systems
-Engine cooling systems
-Engine performance, drivability services and repairs
-Emission control system
-Fuel systems
-Electronic engine management system and other on-board computer systems (engine, body, brake and suspension computers), cruise control systems
-Brake system
-Starting and charging systems
-Electrical systems
-Exhaust system
-Ignition system
-Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV joints/U-joints, half-shafts and drive shafts
-Clutches – clutch component or assembly repair and replacement
-Other minor repairs

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