Tire rotations are an essential component in proper car care. Rotating your tires can improve the quality of your drive, save you money and keep you and your family safe. The standard expectation for tire rotations is once every 6 months, or whenever you get your oil changed. Here are some of the benefits of having your tires rotated on a routine basis:

Equal Wear on Each Tire:

Drivers that refuse to have their tires rotated may experience mild to severe wearing on their tires. Many drivers on the road assume that there is no significant difference between wheels on the front axle and wheels on the back axle; however, depending on which axle they rest, tires will wear differently. When your tires begin to wear it can result in steering difficulties, and you may notice your car starting to drift. Ensuring that all your tires are regularly rotated, (both the front and back axles) will help improve traction and grip while on the road. In Winter conditions, evenly worn tires will provide more adequate grip for icy and snowy roads.

Improved Gas Mileage:

Gasoline can be very expensive; drivers will even drive across their own city to find the best deals on gasoline. Are you aware that your tires have a direct correlation to the performance of your gas mileage? When your car is driving on the road, it relies on the grip & traction that your tires offer to provide a smooth driving experience. A lack of grip and friction on your tires results in them spinning excessively to gain steady traction. Swapping your front and back tires for each other and maintaining air pressures will improve your car’s grip on the road which will be saving you money in gasoline.

Save Money:

Having your tires rotated at least once a year will save you money from future repairs. Car tires are an expensive investment, so it is imperative to ensure your tires receive efficient care and maintenance. When your tires begin to wear, they slowly begin to lose their road worth; every tire will eventually need to be replaced, but tire rotations can help extend the life of your tires by ensuring that all tracks on your tires get put to good use. Not only will this save you money from having to purchase new tires regularly, but it will also save you money on vehicular repairs that may arise due to inadequate tire maintenance. The health of your vehicle’s transmission and your vehicle’s axles may be at risk when your tires are wearing unevenly as additional tension is distributed throughout the car.

Tire rotations can help you ensure you are receiving full value from your tires, help you improve fuel efficiency, and save you money on repairs and replacement tires. Many drivers prefer their tires rotated whenever they receive an oil change which serves as a reminder. Remember to install your winter tires and have them rotated if you’ve already put them on your vehicle. It will help improve your driving experience in Winter conditions and keep you and your family safe.